Batteries for Watches, Remotes & Car Keys

Quick Fix sell a wide battery range for all electronic gadgets.
We have Batteries for Watches, Car Remote, Car Key, locksmith auckland,  Garage opener, Gate remote & Hearing Aids.

” We undertake watch repairs done by our specialist technician with guarantee provided “

Brands Available:

Varta, Sony, Panasonic, Maxell, Camelion, GP, Seiko, Sanyo, Energiser & many more…

We sell accessories such as straps for most watches.We engrave on your memorable items

All batteries come with their warranty and guarantee.
When replaced by us, we check if your remote or watch is working.
And if the watch or remote is faulty, we take the battery back at no cost to you.

Here are some of the battery models we have in stock:

319 V625U CR2032
321 A10 CR2025
335 A13 CR2016
337 312 CR1616
364 AAAA CR1620
371 4SR44 CR1632
377 23A CR1025
379 27A CR2012
390 CRP2 CR1225
392 CR1216
394 CR2430