Digital Media Conversion Services

We convert old tapes to modern digital DVD & CDs.

We clean, restore and convert VHS Tapes, Hi8, Super 8, Digital 8, Betamax, Mini-DV and your memory cards to DVD.
Videos are converted to high quality digital dvd disks to run automatically from your dvd players.
Your photos can be scanned or the files from your memory cards can be used to make automatically running and changing video photo slide shows with music added to the background if required.

Old VHS pal tapes having mould are cleaned, rejuvenated, broken tapes repaired & joined together and converted to high quality dvd disks.
Your video tapes are not junk but are the fond memories of the years gone by or a special festivity in the family like a marriage, birthdays or even old movies not available anymore.
Don’t miss them just because your video player does not work and new ones are not available anymore.
Get them cleaned and converted in a matter of few days and re-enjoy those memories.

We use printable disks so a photo or information can be printed on top of the disks if you need it.
For those recordings which need a lot of space, we use double layered DVD disks (8.5GB) so that we do not have to compress or reduce the quality of your video to try & fit in the standard version (4.7GB) discs.

Some common Tape to DVD conversion:

  • VHS Tape to DVD conversion
  • Hi8, Super 8 & Digital 8 to DVD conversion
  • Camcorder & mini DV Tapes to DVD conversion
  • Audio cassette tape to CD conversion